Attach Bottle to Your Backpack

Attach Bottle to Your Backpack

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Easy Way to Attach a Water Bottle to Your Backpack Strap

Are you tired of asking your hiking partner to grab your water bottle for you every time you need a drink? Is awkwardly reaching backwards into your pack inconvenient because you’re not double jointed? Do you clearly not own a hydration bladder with a straw?

Then you need a good ol’ fashioned DIY water bottle holder!

Here are 5 easy ways to jury-rig your household items into a convenient backpacking strap bottle holder.

1. Use Your Backpack’s Trekking Pole Attachment







Before we dive deep into the world of DIY, analyze your equipment. If you own a backpack like my Osprey Mira 26, there is a trekking pole attachment already attached to the shoulder strap. You can improvise this into a makeshift water bottle holder.

For this, it helps if you have a grooved bottle like those from Gatorade.